6 Surprisingly Bad Party Behaviors to Watch Out for at Your Holiday Bash

bad party behavior 'Tis the season! If you're hosting a holiday party, chances are you could be in for some high jinks, according to the results of the 2015 Holiday Party Poll from The Salonniere. From not RSVP-ing to snooping through your stuff, you may want to present guests with pocket-sized etiquette guides as party favors based on these findings! 


Check out some of the surprising results based on a survey of 1,600 men and women. Here's what you should be on the lookout for -- when you aren't serving hors d'oeuvres and replenishing the punch bowl, of course.

Ignored RSVPs: More than half (51 percent, to be exact) of those surveyed admitted they've ignored the request for RSVPs, with 43 percent attending the shindig anyway. That's bold!

If you think you might run out of food, don't panic. Fifty-three percent of responders said while they RSVP'd "Yes!", they didn't show up!

No hostess gifts: Fifty-four percent of attendees don't even think to bring a little something for their hostess! And of the ones who do, more than half are regifting something they don't want. (Makes you feel really special, right?) 

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Adults making out: Thirty percent say they've "gotten frisky" either inside or outside the host's home. (And we're sure they would again!)

Friends snooping in your medicine cabinet: Lock up the scrips you use to treat any potentially embarrassing conditions, because 20 percent of responders say they've gone rooting through a host's vanity. (And we're sure they would again!)

Fighting words: More than half of those surveyed said it's fine to talk politics. (Hide the Waterford and prepare to duck -- especially ahead of an election year!) 

No 'Thank You': You may have outdone yourself this year, but don't wait by the mailbox for a thoughtful note of gratitude. Fifty-nine percent of guests don't send a note of thanks to their host or hostess.

These findings are enough to discourage the most stalwart party planner! Maybe host a small gathering instead so you can keep an eye on these brazen guests.  


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