Dinner for $5: Korean Beef Lettuce Wraps Are a Fun Midweek Meal

Korean Beef Lettuce wrapIf you're looking for an inexpensive alternative to the usual dishes you serve for dinner, we've found just the thing: Korean Beef Lettuce Wraps. Sesame oil and ginger make this an exotic meal that won't blow your budget! 


"These wraps were amazing," says Erin of 5 Dollar Dinners, who created the recipe. "Powerful flavors with simple ingredients!"

The cook and blogger offers ideas on how to make this recipe Paleo-friendly by subbing coconut aminos for soy sauce. 

Korean Beef Lettuce wrap 

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As Erin points out, iceberg lettuce is cheaper than your average wrap. Plus, it's a colorful and crisp way to contain this yummy beef and coleslaw combo. 

Visit 5 Dollar Dinners to view this Korean Beef Lettuce Wrap recipe in its entirety.


Images via 5dollardinners.com

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