Lazy Mom Meals: Easy Beef Enchiladas Will Make You Forget All About Taco Night

Easy Beef EnchiladasWho doesn't love homemade Mexican food? But if your regular taco night is starting to feel a bit stale and you want to up your game, why not branch out by trying these Easy Beef Enchiladas? They only look like they took hours to assemble! 


"These enchiladas are slathered in a tangy red sauce that complements the rich flavors of the lean ground beef or sirloin," says Brooke of SkinnyMom, who created this recipe. "Plus, the green chilies give this dish a slight punch that will kick your energy into gear!"

Easy Beef Enchiladas

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Brooke says this yummy dish, which serves four, can be whipped up from start to finish in less than 40 minutes! Sounds delicious and ideal for a hectic weeknight. Serve these enchiladas over Cilantro-Lime Rice and watch your family beg to have this weekly (sorry, taco night!).

Visit SkinnyMom to view this Easy Beef Enchiladas recipe in its entirety.


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