Here's What 'Women Who Love Wine' Know to Be True (VIDEO)

women who love wineThere are women, and then there are "Women Who Love Wine" -- and the latter are the subject of a hilarious video by the same name that'll have you reaching for the Merlot in solidarity (especially if you're a mom trying to make it through the holidays alive)!


What do women who love wine know? That it's essentially like "grown-up apple juice." That a wineglass can never be too full. That real wine lovers don't even need a glass to get their drink on. That exercise is totally overrated.

Does this video (brought to you by the folks at Buzzfeed) remind you of anyone? (Namely, yourself?)

Women Who Love Wine

Posted by SOML on Saturday, October 10, 2015

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"A bottle a day keeps the doctor away," indeed! Also, I totally need a T-shirt with "I Have the Sauvignon Blahs" printed on it. There's just nothing like a glass of wine to get you through those long winter nights (or those long spring nights, or summer, or even fall). Wine, take me away!

Hey, how 'bout that for a new slogan, wine people? Wine: It's the new Calgon! And the ladies loooooove it. 


Image via SOML/Facebook

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