People Are Losing It Over Completely Innocent Starbucks Holiday Cookie

starbucks polar bear cookieStarbucks is having quite the controversial holiday season this year: First, there was all the uproar over the coffee chain replacing their usual holiday cups with a plain red design; now, people are losing it over their polar bear cookies, which some patrons say look like they've had their throats slashed. (We say: Seriously??)


The adorable confections are meant to look like polar bears wearing red scarves -- festive, right? Except critics say nope, those polar bears aren't wearing scarves ... they've been all but beheaded! That red frosting is blood, it's BLOOOOOD!

I wish I was kidding. Sadly, I'm not. Check out some of the most powerful reactions on social media:


Okay, points for the Game of Thrones reference in that last tweet, but otherwise? You've got to wonder if these people have gone a little nutzo. It's a cookie, you guys. A smiley-faced bear cookie meant as a cheerful accompaniment to your Peppermint Mocha. (Or a smiley-faced bear cookie meant to pacify your cranky toddler who literally cannot take one more minute of holiday shopping.)

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I'm quite certain Starbucks was not looking to make its gazillions of customers think about the mass slaughter of endangered animals during what's supposed to be a festive time. It would be bad for business, for one thing. Not to mention a total holiday buzzkill. But people are gonna think what they want to think, I guess.

Maybe next year they should stick to snowmen! Without scarves, of course. 


Image via Bunches and Bits {Karina}/Flickr

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