16 Texts From Women Losing Their Minds This Holiday Season

Image: Jennifer T.

funny holiday text messages
Jennifer T.

Between Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and maybe even Festivus, this time of year is a crazy blend of food, shopping, family time, and more than a little chaos. Whether it is fighting with Mom about the proper way to make gravy or dealing with kids determined to end up on the "naughty list," sometimes a gal has just got to vent. Lucky for us, some of that venting was sent via text and is now assembled here for our amusement. Happy holidays, everyone!


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Imagine this: It's Christmas Eve and not a creature is stirring, except Mom and Dad because someone forgot to buy batteries for all the new Christmas gifts. Darn it! Or how about this: Mom is sitting in Christmas Day mass and realizes that she didn't turn the oven on for the turkey before they left the house. Come on now! While Christmas is supposed to be a time of peace and goodwill and rest, any mom who's actually been through the thing will know better. And between the stress of cooking, hosting, and buying gifts, it can drive a person a little nutty. We found 16 texts from women who let the "holiday spirit" get the best of them.

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Read on and see what these women had to say when Christmas forced them to lose their cool! 

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