25 Signs You're a Mom Obsessed With the Holidays (GIFS)

Holiday/Christmas Mom with daughter/child

'Tis the season to go crazy, for the holidays, la la la, yay! As we approach the end of the year, it's only appropriate to go out with a bang -- and what better way to do it than with a holiday celebration? The question is, do you take these last few weeks in stride, or do you love going overboard?


...Well, maybe you don't think you're obsessed with the holidays -- and who gives a snowman if you are? Just know, you probably are a little overly excited if a few of these apply.

Notice there are 25 signs? Like 25 days of Christmas?! ... Nevermind.

1. Finished all of your holiday shopping last year. The presents have been perfectly wrapped since June. Who 'gon check you, boo?

2. Had your Christmas tree up since Halloween. Who cares if you had a bowl full of ornaments next to the Halloween candy?

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3. Break out the secret Pinterest holiday board, that will make the North Pole look like a school fair. The kids will love it.

4. Spearhead the holiday planning committee at your job, PTA, and neighborhood.

5. Already have your holiday cards in the mail -- and are working on the Happy New Year cards.

6. Can't stop fiddling with that damn Elf on a Shelf. Pleassee get some sleep. It's so easy to stay up until the wee hours.

7. The night A Charlie Brown Christmas airs on TV is considered a national holiday in your home. Sorry, you won't get time off work for that one.

8. Already baked your holiday goodies months in advance. That's right, your cookies have been in your freezer for some time.

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9. Perfected your latkes and sufganiyot (jelly donut) recipes, thanks to serving them for breakfast ... every third weekend, for the past six months. Hanukkah is going to be sooo awesome!

10. Cut down the Christmas tree as a family ... even if you have to drive three hours away to get it.

11. Have a full collection of ugly Christmas sweaters and crazy holiday accessories to last you until the New Year. Who cares if you secretly enjoy wearing holiday socks year round?

12. You don't mind watching the same holiday movie back-to-back on TV. So what if you fold the laundry, cook, and wash the dishes to A Christmas Story? Is it that big of a deal that you watched Four Christmases and The Holiday six times in a row? If networks constantly show the same movie around the clock, obviously, they want you to watch it more than once.

 13. Stalk family, friends, and co-workers' social media for gift inspiration. Ain't nobody got time for impersonal gift cards. You want to make a statement with your present.

14. Have an unofficial spot at your kid's school to showcase your holiday baked goods. Oh, you really think I didn't make this beautiful spread from scratch? Don't you make your own marshmallows? Girl, bye.

15. Can't help but add holiday lights and ornaments to the outside of your home, and every tree ... and twig outside. You've been saving for this light bill all year.

16. People come to you for holiday mixtapes. Someone need that Mariah Carey Christmas album? You got that.

17. You are that annoying parent who stands in the aisle during your child's holiday school play, knows the choreography, and can't stop taking pictures, or videotaping.

18. Spend days drafting the perfect, handwritten holiday note that will be sent in a coordinating envelope, complete with a custom family photo stamp.

 19. Your child's lunch is cut in the shape of a candy cane, reindeer, or Christmas tree. Hey, it's the holidays, right?

20. You have a practice run of your holiday dinner at least two times before the main event. Practice does make perfect.

 21. Instead of threatening your kids with a punishment for bad behavior, you whip out the Santa phone. That's right, you have the North Pole on speed dial. Don't make Santa skip this house cause you can't act right.

22. Organize everyone's holiday wish lists online, so you can track what's been purchased. Anyone else use Giftster? *Crickets*

Okay, I'm guilty of this one. Sue me.
23. Have routes printed out on where to see the best holiday lights.

24. Put on the calendar days to practice caroling. There's nothing wrong with trying to harmonize.

25. Purchased matching "Christmas morning gift reveal" PJs for everyone in your house to wear.


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