What's for Lunch: Caprese Cabobs Are a Yummy Surprise on a Stick (VIDEO)

Caprese Cabobs - What's for Lunch?Have you ever noticed how children will eat almost anything if it's presented on a stick? This phenomenon probably originates with the lollipop, but whatever the reason, it's a perfect way to get kids to try new things for lunch. Enter: Caprese Cabobs!


And, hello? Who doesn't love mozzarella balls?? Yum! Sandwiched in between juicy tomatoes, this is a delicious and healthy lunch that'll have your child's classmates willing to trade their desserts for a sample.   

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How fast was that? These Caprese Cabobs are much easier to make than much of your standard fare -- not to mention, the kids will devour them! (You may want to have a few extras waiting as an afternoon snack.)


Images via cafemomstudios/YouTube

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