Mixin' It Up With Mary: Secret Santas, Elves & Other Holiday Destroyers (VIDEO)

Mixin' It Up With Mary Elf on the ShelfIf you're entering the holiday season at your absolute Grinch-iest, you're in good company. The Stir's entertainment editor Mary Hawkins breaks down how office Secret Santas, a certain elf, and too many commitments are causing her huge amounts of stress. 


If you're also cramming "900 other activities into an already jam-packed schedule" this season, this one's for you!

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If you're feeling overwhelmed by the holidays too (and, really, who isn't?), consider taking the edge off and getting into the spirit of the season with Mary's Candy Cane Cocktail. This recipe may just be the best gift you receive this year! (You're welcome.) 

mixin' It Up With Mary Candy Cane Cocktail


Images via cafemomstudios/YouTube

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