Easily Conquer the Turkeypocalypse This Thanksgiving

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This Thanksgiving we plan on having family over for a big traditional Thanksgiving dinner. The men always rush off to the TV, and well after hours of cooking and prepping dinner is done and there's a mess to be cleaned up. Behind every Thanksgiving meal is a Turkeypocalypse that needs to be cleaned up. Don’t dread the post-Thanksgiving clean up. Prepare for it. Conquer it. Get back to the game sooner. We are happy to partner with P&G on this post. 


Cleanup after big holiday meals is easy with products from P&G. Some of our favorite brands include Swiffer and Bounty and there are so many more that will help you get the job done.  Just check out this video -

It's true with Swiffer WetJet you can do all of your mopping in one, it's powerful enough to get that cranberry sauce off the floor and it's tough on dirt and grime. Dawn Ultra will give you “2X more everyday grease cleaning power per drop*” that should help you get through that stack of dishes in the sink. Bounty is two times more absorbent, so the roll can last longer and get through all the messes. Cascade Platinum will power through all of your toughest Thanksgiving messes. Make sure you finish off with Febreze Pumpkin Bliss.  Febreze Air Effects instantly takes care of the odors in your air, giving your home that fresh and clean smell. 

*Based on cleaning ingredients vs. non-ultra Joy®.

Right now you can visit Coupons.com to download up to $12 in savings on all your favorite P&G products. 

Remember that the quicker you can clean, the quicker you can get back to your family, or to the big game. Why spend a ton of time cleaning when you can get it all done and have your home as clean as ever? 

How do you conquer your Turkeypocalypse each Thanksgiving? 


Kristin Lesney writes Our Ordinary Life;  a parenting and lifestyle website that features everything from tips to recipes!

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