Turkeypocalypse: Quick Clean-up So You Can Get Back to the Game

dirty dishes in the sink

Every night after dinner I load the dishwasher, wash larger items, wipe down counters and sweep up the floor.  I know that if I don't do it immediately, or if I sit down, I'll never get back up and the mess will still be there in the morning.  I can't stand that!  I do not want to wake up to a giant mess in the kitchen.  Same goes for Thanksgiving!  Of course the mess is a Turkeypocalypse and it takes a lot more to get the job done but then I'm able to sit down and enjoy the football game with my family.


The key to a quick clean-up is twofold.  First, you need a good teammate.  One of my favorite Thanksgiving memories was from my early 20's.  For several years I'd have two Thanksgivings.  I'd spend the first part of the day with my own family.  Then I'd head to a friend's house for Friendsgiving.  I'd celebrate with her and her mom along with other friends that would stop by. They lived in a small duplex with a tiny kitchen but they didn't let that stop them from cooking a full-on feast.  That year the aftermath was atrocious but together we powered through it and had a blast at the same time.  It helps to be a little silly.  We donned what looked like shower caps but were actually container covers for the food and we rocked our clean up skills and made that kitchen shine!

Secondly, you need the right products.  You know, dish soap that actually cuts through grease (because goodness knows there will be plenty of that!), paper towels that don't fall apart the second they get wet and a good air freshener!  You can get some of my favorites including Dawn Ultra, Bounty paper towels and Pumpkin Bliss Febreze Air Effects for less with these coupons.

A Turkeypocalypse is a real issue Americans face every Thanksgiving.  Watch this public service announcement to find out how pro football player Clay Mathews handles it:


What is YOUR best advice for handling the Turkeypocalypse clean up so you don't miss the game?

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