How to Host a Football-Themed Thanksgiving Dinner

football coasters

Love football on Thanksgiving? Host a football themed Thanksgiving dinner that’s festive, fun, and easy! Thanks to P&G for sponsoring this football fun post!

In my home growing up Thanksgiving meant two things - turkey and football. Every year our favorite football team played on Thanksgiving and it was as big of an event as the food. Thanksgiving dinner and football also happen to be two of my favorite things in the world and as an adult, it’s one of my favorite holidays. So why not host a football themed Thanksgiving with these fun ideas!


Football burlap coasters are quick and easy to make so everyone can put their glass of wassail or apple cider bourbon cocktail down to cheer the touchdowns.

A felt football table runner is perfect for a coffee table.  Set out some appetizers or snacks in fun football snack boxes for the game. 

Prep the turkey the night before and just pop it in the oven with this easy turkey brine. Use a slow cooker to bake the rolls and make the cranberry sauce ahead of time so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time watching the game.

With all the food and decorations planned, you only have one thing left to worry about: The Clean Up.  That dreaded pile of dishes in the sink that no one wants to think about until it’s too late. You need to avoid a Turkeypocalypse like this:

A Turkeypocalypse is easily avoided by planning ahead. Just like you plan the decorations and the menu, plan the clean up so it’s quick and easy.  Use these coupons to stock up on supplies to help! Fill the sink with hot water, add Dawn Ultra which has 2X more everyday grease cleaning power per drop* so the big dishes can soak.  Cascade Platinum can handle the dishes in the dishwasher. Grab some Bounty paper towels for quick wipe downs of counters and the stove. 

*Based on cleaning ingredients vs. non-ultra Joy®.

With these easy crafts, recipes, and a little clean up prep, you’ll be able to cook, clean and cheer while avoiding a Turkeypocalypse.


Camille Gabel writes Growing Up Gabel; a lifestyle blog focused on food, crafts, DIY and family.   We love easy meals, easy crafts, and lots of fun!

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