7 Burning Questions We Have About This Mom's Insanely Organized Thanksgiving Spreadsheet (GIFS)

turkeyWhen it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, every hostess has her own approach: Some plan ahead for weeks, others wing it as last minute as possible. But one mom's pre-holiday spreadsheet is so incredibly detailed (down to the minute!) that it's going viral -- and it's equal parts impressive and terrifying!


Just get a load of this thing:

thanksgiving spreadsheet

WOW. Just ... wow. It's more than a little mind-blowing, right? I've never seen anything quite like it outside of an investment banker's office. This woman's Thanksgiving is bound to go off without a hitch -- and yet, there are a few things about this spreadsheet that do raise some serious questions. Such as:

1. It really takes you 30 minutes to make iced tea? How much tea are you making, exactly??

2. Wait, it ONLY takes you 30 minutes to roast Brussels sprouts? And why are you roasting them AFTER you already sliced the turkey??


3. So the turkey breast in the Crock-Pot and the turkey in the oven are two separate things, right? How much does your family love turkey, lady??

4. Fifteen minutes to take out the cranberry relish?

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5. Wait a sec, an hour and a half for just one pie? 

6. Two whole days set aside for washing china? Damn, you must have a lot of relatives!

7. Have you always been this, um, organized?


Images via U.S. Department of Agriculture/Flickr; Imgur

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