Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Teachers

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Teachers give so much of themselves to our kids, a full five days a week. Maybe that’s why they can be one of the trickiest people to show our appreciation to around the holidays. That’s why this year, we surveyed our favorite educators to find out what they really want for the holidays (word on the schoolyard: no more scented candles or tubs of popcorn, please!). Here, we give you 10 gifts for $60 or less that will earn you high marks in the art of gift giving.

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Elizabeth Brownfield is a food and lifestyle writer who has been on the staffs of Metropolitan Home, Martha Stewart, Domino, and Every Day with Rachael Ray magazines.

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  • Adult Coloring Books


    Why should kids have all the fun? Adult coloring books are all the rage, and there’s no better reward for a hardworking teacher than something that encourages creativity and relaxation.


  • Bento Box


    Upgrade their lunch with a high-style bento box. Two square bowls with removable cups keep multiple dishes and dry/wet ingredients separate until the lunch bell rings.


  • Gift Cards


    Sure, gift cards are often the de facto present for people who are out of ideas, or have run out of time to shop. But they’re also the number one request from the teachers we surveyed. Pick one up for a mani/pedi, movie theater, restaurant, bookstore, or a superstore where they can pick up anything on their list.

    From $5,

  • High-Tech Water Bottle


    Help your always-on-the-go educator stay healthy and hydrated with the new Thermos Connected Hydration Bottle with Smart Lid. It sets daily hydration goals, and syncs with Apple devices and FitBit.


  • Rose Gold Apple Earrings


    A modern upgrade of the old “apple for the teacher” gift, these sweet, rosy-hued apple studs are perfect for pierced-ear educators of all ages.


  • Personalized Stationery


    Ordering custom stationery does require some forethought. But that’s exactly why it’s such a great way to show your appreciation -- they’ll know you put some thought into their gift.

    From $16,

  • Hobby Gear


    Do you or your child have some insight into your teacher’s outside interests? Pick out some gear to help further their knitting, running, baking, or painting hobby.

    Custom Color Cotton Dye Yarn Kit, $14.99, from Jo-Ann

  • Fresh Flowers


    Brighten their day with something decidedly pretty – not practical. Go for a vibrant bouquet of cut flowers, or a potted amaryllis or paper whites that will last even longer.


  • Edible Gift Tower


    Who wouldn’t love a sophisticated tower of sweets? This one stacks a quintet of truffles, cookies, toffees, and peppermints in tasteful, reusable boxes.


  • Wine


    Another top request from the teachers we talked to: wine. (Hey, they deserve it!) Festive bubbly like prosecco and Cava, and warming reds like merlot and pinot noir, are always sure to please.


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