11 Delicious Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Foodie

Eunice Park | Nov 19, 2015 Food & Party
11 Delicious Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Foodie

foodie giftsWe all have someone in our lives who LOVES food. Loves it. They always throw the best, most delicious parties, and as holiday season rolls around again, we need a way to thank them for that. But how do you find the perfect foodie gift for your foodie friend?

You can't buy them kitchen gadgets because they already have them all, and they're just as sick of getting cookbooks as you are of gifting them.

But don't worry -- there are plenty of special treats out there if you know where to look. Here are 11 ideas, whatever your budget is ranging from a cheesemaking kit to edible chocolate box to a herb grow kit. There is something delicious for everyone. 


Image (clockwise from top left) via uncommongoods.com, urban-agriculture.net, charleschocolates.com, uncommongoods.com, cureboulder.com

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