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11 Delicious Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Foodie

Food & Party Eunice Park Nov 19, 2015

foodie giftsWe all have someone in our lives who LOVES food. Loves it. They always throw the best, most delicious parties, and as holiday season rolls around again, we need a way to thank them for that. But how do you find the perfect foodie gift for your foodie friend?

You can't buy them kitchen gadgets because they already have them all, and they're just as sick of getting cookbooks as you are of gifting them.

But don't worry -- there are plenty of special treats out there if you know where to look. Here are 11 ideas, whatever your budget is ranging from a cheesemaking kit to edible chocolate box to a herb grow kit. There is something delicious for everyone. 


Image (clockwise from top left) via uncommongoods.com, urban-agriculture.net, charleschocolates.com, uncommongoods.com, cureboulder.com

1Party Sprinkles

Bakers can get their party started with these pretty Party Sprinkles ($22.95, uncommongoods.com). The sprinkles are handmade by artist and chef Suzi Sheffield and a stylish wooden spoon serves up the rainbow of sweetness. 

2The Home Mixologist Kit

No one is born a mixologist, but this Farm to People Home Mixologist Kit ($90, farmtopeople.com) makes the business of learning pretty easy. It comes with several syrups and sodas for making cocktails, plus gorgeous slate coasters for serving your masterpieces on.

3Fleur de Sel Caramel Edible Chocolate Box

Yes, this lovely Fleur de Sel Caramel Edible Box ($65, charleschocolates.com) is really made of chocolate and yes, you can eat it. These handmade caramels are coated in 65% bittersweet chocolate and come in a box of 18. Chocolate delight!

5Candy Crate 1950's Retro Candy Gift Box

If you know someone who feels nostalgia for classic candy, the Candy Crate 1950’s Retro Candy Gift Box ($34.99, walmart.com) will take your favorite foodie on a trip down memory lane. The gift box is made up of old-time favorites such as Baked Beans, Salted Nut Roll, Chuckles and other childhood-favorite sweets!


6Italian Cheesemaking Kit

Cheese is not something people generally make at home, so this Italian Cheesemaking Kit ($24.95, uncommongoods.com) is a fresh and fun gift for DIY lovers and cheese lovers. It comes with the tools and ingredients needed to make 10 different cheeses.

9Assorted 3 Pack Gift Box of Jam

For those who appreciate artisanal jam, this Assorted 3 Pack Gift Box of Jam ($25, thej.am) is the perfect gift. Created by two best friends in Brooklyn, these jams go beyond your regular flavors (but there is classic grape and strawberry). You can select flavors such as Pumpkin Chai, Peachy Siracha and Drunken Monkey, a jam made up of sugar coated bananas, a splash of rum and a dash of lime. Any one of these is sure to make someone very jam happy.

10Wooden Box Tea Sampler

If you know a tea lover, this Wooden Box Tea Sampler, $48, artoftea.com) will truly warm up their holiday. The sampler includes six different teas, in reusable tea tins, for a tasty experience in the morning, afternoon and night. Anyone who appreciates tea will savor these sips. 

11Small Cheesemonger’s Choice

If you’re stuck on what to get the cheese connoisseur in your life, this Small Cheesemonger's Choice ($42-$57, cureboulder.com)  is an excellent choice. The sampler, which comes in small and large, includes 3 1/3 pound chunks of cheese, a box of 34 Degree Crackers and a jar of Cured’s House Fig Preserves. If you have a preference -- stinky, goats’ milk, or no blue -- make a note and it will be adjusted.

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