7 Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Sides & Dessert Recipes (PHOTOS)

Zlata Faerman | Nov 18, 2015 Food & Party
7 Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Sides & Dessert Recipes (PHOTOS)

Amaretto Roasted Acorn SquashMore and more people are trying to eat healthier and cleaner and becoming more aware of dietary intolerances they might have. Diets that are gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, low-FODMAP, etc. are more common and should be taken into consideration when putting together this year's Thanksgiving menu. Of course, it's always a smart idea, if you have dietary restrictions, to bring your own dish whenever possible, so at least there's at least one thing on the table you can eat!

We recently discovered a new website/app that we're loving. It's called Friendly Reminders, and it lets friends share their food preferences and dietary restrictions like allergies, intolerances, and diets with one another, making it easier for hosts to determine what dishes to put on the table. Bonus: it also allows you to track what you wore (no repeat outfits here!) and what you served, so you know for the future. Pretty cool, right?

So let's get into it. Here are some gluten-free side dish and dessert recipes you can try and make for the holiday!


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