10 Thanksgiving Cranberry Side Dishes That Go Beyond Sauce

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It's just not Thanksgiving without cranberry sauce -- or is it? There are plenty of ways to incorporate everybody's favorite seasonal berry into the annual family feast without falling back on the old jellied/whole bean standby. Or if one is stuck on the sauce, there are also plenty of mouthwatering updates on the classic side dish! We found some of our favorite ways to fluff up the dated cranberry sauce recipe and impress everyone at the Thanksgiving table.

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There are certain flavors that just scream fall. Cinnamon, pumpkin spice (that's a flavor, right?), and of course cranberry. Whether on a pie, combined with delicious cheeses, or put into cornbread, cranberries are both sweet and tart and pair excellently with fall foods outside of the typical turkey slices. While tradition dictates that we crack open a can of Ocean Spray cranberry jelly, why not use cranberry as an inspiration this year? Instead the cylindrical blob that still has the impressions of the can on it, we found recipes that can take the least interesting part of the Thanksgiving meal and made it a true conversation starter. 

But don't worry if one's cranberry cooking experience is limited to opening up a can, either -- most of these recipes are easy enough even for novice cooks. So go on, let's get our berry on!