12 Delicious Snack Bars That Aren't Just Candy Bars in Disguise (PHOTOS)

gomacro protein barsWhen you're very busy and always on the go, a proper meal may not be top of mind. Before you leave the house, you might grab a snack bar or two, shove them in your bag, and mindlessly eat them in between errands, meetings, or anything else you have going on.


Snacking during the day and in between meals maintains overall homeostasis, keeping your blood sugar normal, and your metabolism in check.

The challenge comes when it's time to pick these snacks. Many go-to bars are riddled with sugar and therefore contribute to weight gain, unnecessary carb intake, and, more often than not, hunger pangs shortly after consumption. Basically, you think they're healthy and filling you up, but they're not.

So, what are some goodies that are safe to snack on? Here, some of our favorite healthy, quality, and non–sugar bomb snacks!


Image via GoMacro

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