Nutty Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe Is Sure to Become a Family Favorite

banana Bread Today Food ClubIf you have some ripe bananas but can't bear to make another smoothie, we've found a great way to put that fruit to good use. Today food stylist Allison Simpson shared not only her favorite recipe for Banana Bread, but also tips for getting that loaf out of the pan perfectly every time.


If you've ever been excited to eat your finished product and flipped it out of the pan only to have it rip in half, Simpson has solutions. She suggests lining your loaf pan with a strip of parchment paper so the bottom doesn't stick to the pan. Then, when the bread is finished cooking, set the pan on its side to cool for 10 minutes and it'll slide right out. 

Banana Bread Today Food Club

Simpson said that while the recipe belongs to her mom, she made it her own by adding walnuts and chocolate to the mix. She also ensures that the top crust is extra delicious by sprinkling it with sugar just before baking. 

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Before you know it, you'll be buying brown bananas just to make this bread! 

Visit Today to view the Banana Bread recipe in its entirety. 

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