Caramel Apple Hot Toddy Is the Perfect Cold Weather Elixir

caramel apple hot toddyIf you're looking for a new twist on a classic beverage to add to your cocktail menu, consider this: the Caramel Apple Hot Toddy. It's the perfect drink to enjoy on a chilly evening while you relax by the fire. (A mom can dream, can't she?) 


Becky of The Cookie Rookie came up with this recipe, which she says makes the whole house smell like Christmas! (So if you're battling those bah-humbug blues, this may help you get back in the holiday spirit.)  

What makes it so unforgettable? Becky says the key to this "amazing, amazing drink" is the caramel vodka. 

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Plus, it's topped with whipped cream, so obviously it's going to be fabulous, right? It's perfect for parties, too, as this batch serves 12!

Visit The Cookie Rookie to view this Caramel Apple Hot Toddy recipe in its entirety.


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