10 Healthier Alternatives to Your Favorite Snacks (PHOTOS)

healthier snack alternatives

When it comes to healthy, mindful eating, we’re completely on board. Filling, nutritious breakfast? Check. Balanced lunch and dinner? Check and check. That is, with the exception of snack time. Around 3 p.m. daily, a rumbling stomach reminds us that lunch was so long ago, and with the dinner hour far, far in the future (hunger makes us dramatic), we eagerly turn to a midday snack.

In the middle of this long stretch between meals, a hangry haze descends (that’s hungry + angry), and we no longer want that sad brown banana, packed this morning with virtuous intentions. No, instead we want all the chocolate.

To combat this afternoon snack attack, we’ve rounded up some healthier -- yet still completely delicious -- alternatives to our favorite afternoon snacks. Whether you crave cookies, chips, or chocolate, there’s something here to fight off your hanger.


Images clockwise from left via latejuly.com; walmart.com; candy.com; shop.justins.com; jet.com; boomchickapop.com

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