'Mixin' It Up With Mary': A Rant Against That Stuff You're Trying to Sell Me on Facebook (VIDEO)

Mixin' It Up With Mary Selling on FacebookEveryone wants to make an extra buck, but have you suddenly found your inbox and Facebook feed flooded with messages from friends who are trying to sell you everything from eco-friendly eye cream to organic chia seeds? If you're fed up, you're not alone! 


Mary Hawkins, The Stir's entertainment editor, has a strong (and hilarious) message for all the people who want her to "join their team" by moonlighting as a beauty consultant, personal trainer, or handbag expert. Armed with a sparkling Cosmopolitan cocktail in hand, Mary shares why she doesn't want any part of partying (she'd be hosting, of course!) with this crew, or, more aptly, cult. 

If you've ever been approached by a mom you don't really know who is suddenly acting super-friendly, consider yourself warned! She's probably got a trunk full of soy candles she's dying to sell you. Run!

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Moms who are out of patience with everyone trying to get in their wallets can share this video and send a not-so-subtle message that may just have these "mom-preneurs" backing off -- at least until another shipment of the waist trainers they need to hawk arrives. Be strong, ladies! To fortify yourselves against the marketing masses, here's Mary's recipe. Enjoy!

Mixin' It Up With Mary Selling on Facebook


Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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