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10 Kitchen Staples for Quick & Easy Dinners (PHOTOS)

lentil soupHow many times have you looked around your kitchen and thought there’s nothing to make for dinner? Take a closer look -- you’re overlooking food staples in your pantry and fridge that can create amazing and quick meals.

Here are 10 foods that are probably stocked in your refrigerator and cupboards. And if they aren’t, you may want to add them to your grocery list. What are you waiting for -- it’s time to get cooking!

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33. Beans

Beans are versatile and just plain good for you. This White Bean Salad takes 10 minutes to make and the leftovers make a great lunch. If you want to cook up something more substantial, the Bean Pie -- with a buttery crust -- and Black Bean Veggie Enchiladas are tasty and comforting.

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