'Mixin' It Up With Mary': On Being a Halloween #MomFail + Bonus Candy Corn Cocktail Recipe (VIDEO)

Mixin' It Up With MaryIf the thought of Halloween horrifies you because you know you and your child will be the only ones on the block without homemade coordinating costumes, you're not alone.


The Stir's entertainment editor Mary Hawkins breaks down how a non-Pinterest-perfect mom can celebrate this hair-raising holiday in style. (And, bonus: There's a candy corn cocktail involved!) Enjoy a listen as this hilarious mom weighs in on taking back Halloween for the non-crafters!

If a glue gun scares you more than an army of zombies, don't feel bad. As long as your kids have costumes (even if they've been thrown together last minute!) and they get out there to collect all the cavity-causing candy they can find, then you're doing just great!

There's nothing to be afraid of! You don't have to feel guilty that your family won't be trick-or-treating as the entire cast of Mad Men this season. This holiday used to be about good scary fun (and lots and lots of chocolate!), so drop the Mod Podge, put the lid back on your sewing machine, and bust out your cocktail shaker! 

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Taking Mary's advice could just make your Halloween so effortless and enjoyable, it's scary!



Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube; Dipali S/shutterstock

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