Lazy Mom Meals: 30-Minute Barbecue Chicken Pizza

30-minute bbq chicken pizzaAny time is a good time for pizza, but if you don't feel like placing the order and running out to get it -- or you're low on tip money for the delivery boy -- you can whip up your own in no time!


Kelly of Just a Taste dreamt up this homemade version of a certain famous pizza kitchen's Barbecue Chicken Pizza. It's inexpensive and will be on your table faster than any takeout order!

30-minute bbq chicken pizza

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Having precooked and diced chicken chunks on hand cuts down on your prep time. To have it ready in under 30 minutes, Kelly uses store-bought dough. But for those afternoons or nights when you've got nothing else to do, she highly recommends making your own. 

Visit Just a Taste to view the 30-Minute Barbecue Chicken Pizza recipe in its entirety.


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