Cinnamon Appletini Is the Ultimate Cocktail for Any Autumn Party (PHOTOS)

Cinnamon AppletiniIf you're hosting an autumn-themed party and looking for the perfect fall cocktail, we've got just the thing: the Cinnamon Appletini. Skip dessert and savor the flavors of vanilla, apple, and cinnamon all in one glass!


Heather at Who Needs a Cape says that while you absolutely could buy your cinnamon vodka, using the homemade infused vodka is "really simple and provides a much stronger cinnamon (plus REAL) taste." So she highly recommends it! 

cinnamon appletini

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This concoction takes your ordinary apple cider martini to another level. lt's shaken not stirred, and if you're someone who loves a richer cocktail, you can add a splash of cream to this, Heather notes. 

Visit Who Needs a Cape to view this Cinnamon Appletini recipe in its entirety.


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