10 Ways to Get Your Caffeine Buzz Without Starting Your Coffeemaker (PHOTOS)

turbo trufflesCoffee is great -- like, really great -- but there are times when you need another vehicle for your requisite caffeine fix. Maybe you're stuck in a traffic jam, miles from the nearest Starbucks. Maybe you're about to fall asleep in the middle of a long meeting. Or maybe, just maybe, you actually don't like coffee (I hear such creatures exist!). Good thing there are plenty of caffeinated snacks and drinks out there to fill in for that cup o' joe!

From sweet treats to salty bites, there's no shortage of ways to wake up without bothering your barista. Here are some of our favorites.


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  • STEEM Peanut Butter


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    Want to add a little rocket fuel to your PB&J? Each two-tablespoon serving of STEEM Peanut Putter ($4.99, steempb.com) has as much caffeine as two cups of coffee -- plus it claims to give you a steady stream of energy (so no jitters/crash). And at just five bucks a jar, with each jar containing eight servings, it's a cheaper fix than a latte!

  • Avitae Water


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    You're not still drinking plain old non-caffeinated water, are you? Not only does Aquitae Water ($22.52 per 12-pack, amazon.com) come in a variety of flavors (including unflavored), but it also comes in different doses of caffeine (ranging from 46 mg, which is about the same as half a cup of coffee, to 125 mg). Thirsty yet? 

  • Think Gum


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    Yes, Think Gum ($2.49 for 12 pieces, thinkgum.com) does contain 20 mg of caffeine -- but it also contains other potentially brain power-boosting ingredients such as peppermint, rosemary, vinpocetine, bacopa, and ginkgo biloba. Not a bad price, either!

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  • SumSeeds Sunflower Seeds


    Sleepy types who crave savory snacks might find a new addiction in SumSeeds Energized Sunflower Seeds ($0.99, chemicalevolution.com), which have caffeine, taurine, lysine, and ginseng and come in such tempting flavors as Original, Ranch, Honey BBQ, Salt & Pepper, and Dill Pickle. (Just don't eat too many -- a serving has more caffeine than most energy drinks!) 

  • DoubleKick Hot Sauce


    With just 12 mg of caffeine per teaspoon, you'd need to knock back a lot of DoubleKick Hot Sauce ($7.25, doublekicksauce.com) to get a buzz. But if you like things really spicy, try a bottle!

  • Energems Candy


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    Chocolate already contains a little caffeine, but Energems ($6.99 for 21 pieces, luckyvitamin.com) have more -- 133 mg per serving. Plus, they're packed with vitamins B and D. Available in Dark Chocolate, Berry Dark Chocolate, and Mint Dark Chocolate. 

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  • Hyperglow Caffeinated Beer


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    Are you ready for this? Hyperglow Beer ($24.99 per case, thinkgeek.com) isn't just a beer with 220 mg of caffeine; it's a scary science experiment beer with 220 mg of caffeine that GLOWS IN THE DARK.

  • VOJO Energy Mints


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    Since you always want a mint after coffee anyway, why not cut to the chase with VOJO Energy Mints ($4.95, mcssl.com)? But beware -- even though flavors like mixed berry and peppermint sound delicious, you'll have to control yourself: An entire bag of 40 mints contains as much caffeine as five Red Bulls! FIVE!!! How's your willpower?

  • Energy Gummi Bears


    Who doesn't love gummy bears? And Energy Gummi Bears in Berry or Citrus ($16.99 for 12-pack box, energygummibears.com) are even more lovable than most, with 32 mg of caffeine, taurine, Co-enzyme Q10, and B vitamins. 

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  • Turbo Truffles


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    Truffles are pretty much the best thing ever, so that means caffeinated truffles must be pretty much the best best thing ever? Turbo Truffles ($3.95 for 4, turbotruffle.com) have as much of the good stuff per candy as a "strong cup of coffee." 

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