15 Funny Notes Posted on the Office Refrigerator

15 Funny Notes Posted on the Office Refrigerator

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There's nothing worse than leaving a delicious sandwich or slice of pizza in the office fridge, only to find out that a rude coworkers stole it before lunchtime. Who raised these people? Wolves!? Didn't they know that we needed that piece of pizza to make it through the rest of the afternoon? Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference -- and it's the little things that can really annoy the heck out of us. 

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That's why we completely relate to these funny and sometimes passive-aggressive notes that people left in their workplace kitchens. Because sometimes a point needs to be made, whether it's about stealing food, not cleaning up after using the dishes, or the many and varied ways people try to label their food that still lead to disappointment. Sure, sometimes the notes are a little "nagging," but what's a lady got to do to make sure that no one steals her toaster strudels!?

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We know that sharing is caring, but not when it comes from the homecooked lunches we were hoping to eat at work! Read on for 15 office refrigerator notes that will make any feeling person LOL. And whoever ate the slice of pizza we put in the fridge: This is the last time! 

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