50 Crowd-Pleasing Recipes for Tailgating or Game Day

Alesandra Dubin | Jan 26, 2018 Food & Party
50 Crowd-Pleasing Recipes for Tailgating or Game Day
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A sports celebration could mean convening as a group in front of a TV at home or packing up the whole crew -- and all the food -- for a tailgate party at the stadium. Whichever way we decide to celebrate the game, there's one thing that remains true: We'll need delicious rations -- lots of them! Let's be real, game day snacks are arguably the best part about celebrating football season. Cheesy dips, buffalo wings, and nachos, oh my. And when we're hosting, we want to make sure our guests are cheering for more than just the game. 

Celebrating sports games with our friends and family is such an American tradition (let's look at Thanksgiving, shall we?) that the Super Bowl is almost like some kind of national holiday. We get it, though. What builds camaraderie faster than cheering for the home team over some bacon-wrapped appetizers?! The answer is nothing.

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With so many games to view and so many hungry and excited mouths to feed, we might feel bored with always serving a platter of pigs in a blanket with some chips and guacamole. It's time to switch it up! 

There are endless game day snack possibilities, from sweet to savory indulgences. Read on to see some fun, creative, and all-around crowd-pleasing recipes -- and we promise, game day will never be the same. These recipes are sure to please anyone, from the avid footballer to the person who doesn't even know what a touchdown is.