How to Make the Tastiest Fried Chicken of Your Life, Step by Step (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Oct 9, 2015 Food & Party

There's something magical about fried chicken, especially when you get the batter that perfect, crisp mahogany and the chicken inside juicy and well seasoned. This recipe from The Up South Cookbook by Nicole Taylor gets it just right, thanks to her technique and one surprise ingredient you'd never think to use in fried chicken.

Up South is filled with recipes inspired by Taylor's southern upbringing and her current New York City life. For the most flavorful bird, Taylor says, "I live and die by seasoning the bird and batter."

And the surprise ingredient is coconut milk, which Taylor uses (with buttermilk) to soak the chicken. It's an idea she picked up from a foodie friend. "It tenderizes the chicken and adds another layer of subtle flavor," she says. However, she adds, "No, the fried chicken doesn't come out tasting like coconut!"


Image by Noah Fecks courtesy of The Countryman Press 

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