Steal This Awesome Dinner Hack: Hot Dogs Reimagined as Disney Princesses (PHOTOS)

We've seen Disney Princesses reimagined as a lot of things, but this is definitely something new. And awesome, if I do say so myself. Writers Gabriella Paiella and Anna Hezel recreated Rapunzel, Ariel, Belle, and Pocahontas using hot dogs -- because they wanted to come up with what would inspire them the most.


Ladies, I must admit, I'm inspired by food, too. Maybe a little too much sometimes (I write, while tugging on my waistband).

I love that these two ladies took the time to not only create these fabulously ridiculous pieces of art for Lucky Peach, but to also photograph them and blog instructions on how to make them at home. Or is it a recipe? Tough call.

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Here's an in-process photo of Beauty and the Beast's Belle, before she had details added with mustard. The condiment really makes the outfit, don't you think? American cheese can be so difficult to pull off.

And this one, which I like to call Bye Bye Belle. It's really a shame ... but someone needs to eat dinner. It might as well be a hot dog Disney princess.

These ladies are so inspiring. What better way to spend a day than decorating hot dogs to look like beloved Disney characters? Are they accepting friendship applications? Because I'd like to apply.


Images via Anna Hezel / Lucky Peach

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