10 Easy Halloween Treats for Lunches, After-School Snacks & Class Parties


Fall has barely begun and already our lunch-packing, after-school-snack-making game has started to droop. We're assembling sandwiches in our sleep and have seen enough applesauce pouches and granola bars to last a school year. Oh -- and what's that? It's time to sign up to bring a fun, festive snack for the whole class, too? Great, now we have to figure out a fun, healthy-ish snack to feed 30 sugar-loving kids!

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Luckily October has swooped in to save us, with the promise of Halloween and all the inspiration it brings. Whether a mom is searching for a healthy bite or a sweet treat for a crowd, check out these wonderful Halloween-inspired snacks, all sure to delight the kids. (And any adult who loves delicious food with a side of whimsy.) Bonus: Assembly doesn't require a master's degree in crafting -- they're so easy!

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We found some of the easiest, tastiest, and best-looking Halloween treats to sneak into kids' lunches or to make any school Halloween parties a little more spooky! Take a look at these treats perfect for any little boy or ghoul! 

And let us know: Which treat looks the best of all?

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