Lazy Mom Meals: 30-Minute Chili Mac-N-Cheese (PHOTOS)

one-pot-chili mac-n-cheeseImagine combining two comfort foods in one dish? We discovered a chili-mac-n-cheese meal your family will love. And the best part? It's made in one pot! 


"This dish is so simple and only takes 30 minutes to make," says Rebecca of Sugar & Soul, who created the mouthwatering recipe. 

Sound ideal for a busy weeknight, doesn't it? 

one-pot-chili mac-n-cheese

Rebecca notes that her recipe serves 10, making it the perfect dish to serve if your kids have some friends sticking around for dinner. And if you don't eat it all in one sitting, it's delicious left over too.

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Plenty of spices and fresh lime juice give this one-pot meal so much flavor you'll find yourself making this again and again.

Visit Sugar & Soul to view this One-Pot Chili Mac-N-Cheese recipe in its entirety. 

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