Burger King Serves Wine & Every Mom Who Bans Fast Food Just Changed Her Mind

"Mom, pleeeease? Can't we get some burgers and fries?" If you're the kind of mean mom who bans fast food, here's some news that could sway you just a bit. Burger King is in the wine business. They just produced their first vintage, Whopper Wine, aged in flame-grilled barrels to harmonize with your actual Whopper.


There's a catch, though. Well, a couple. First of all, this is all happening in Spain as part of their 40th anniversary of being there. I know, right? Here in the U.S. there are a few Whopper Bars that serve beer. But in Spain they've been serving vino with burgers since the 1970s.

Also, you can't just walk in and order a glass of the Whopper Wine. You have to enter a contest where you share your favorite BK memory or photo with the company and then hope you win. Habla usted Español, no?

Are they making it too hard? Imagine if they imported that wine-burgers concept here to the U.S. 

Moms everywhere might be a bit more responsive on those drives home from school when the children start caterwauling for kiddie meals. "Well, okay," you sigh. "I guess I could stand to wind down with a glass of wine about now." (It goes without saying that you have only one glass and you eat something and wait long enough so that you're 100 percent sober again before continuing your drive home. Ahem.)

This could become a Friday after-school tradition, with moms and kids gathering at the fast food joint weekly.

And that tannin and alcohol sure does go a long ways toward erasing any residual guilt you feel, or any unpleasantness from sitting in a slightly grimy booth surrounded by other people's yelling kids.

Yes, they really should bring that Whopper Wine to the U.S. I think it would go over just fine.


Image via Burger King España/YouTube

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