What Your Morning Coffee Says About the Kind of Mom You Are

What does your coffee say about you? More than you realize. Whether you like yours black, with two sugars, or decaf, your preferences reveal something about your personality. Are you ready to find out?



You're a minimalist who appreciates quality. You want to taste the subtle nuances of your coffee, and that goes for everything else in your life. Your KonMari-tidy home is carefully decorated with just a few precious Danish-modern pieces. Your children enjoy imaginative playtime with handmade wooden toys from the Netherlands. And you practice intentionality and being present at all times.


Splenda, Stevia, raw, or plain table sugar, you need your coffee sweet. Why? Because coffee is bitter! And life is hard. You're always sugar coating everything. Your daughter's temper tantrums mean she's "spirited." Your son's constantly running nose is actually flushing out toxins, thank you very much. And your husband speaks in grunts but that's because he says so much with those soulful, half-closed eyes of his.


Whether it's whole milk, organic, half and half, or straight cream, you want dairy in your coffee and it better be the right kind, the right amount, and the right temperature. You like what you like. What's wrong with that? You and your family stick to your routine religiously because that's what makes it all work. Sure, you're a bit of a control freak. That's okay. You'll own it. 


more whiskey mugMilk or sugar? How about both? Better yet, how about hazelnut syrup and whipped cream! Might as well add some Bailey's while you're at it. You're the fun mom everyone's happy to see. Your house is a mess because you know what's more important: playing games with the kids. Maybe your family is never on time anywhere ever, but so what? Thanks to you, life is a party. 


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Yes, even in the winter, you love pulling up to your favorite coffee house drive-through and ordering an iced coffee. It's just better through a straw, you know? You're constantly on the go from school runs to soccer carpooling to errand running, and you need a caffeine fix that can run with you. You may be a bit overheated, too -- and that iced coffee really cools you off.


Caffeine rattles you, but you crave the illusion of speed and efficiency that a morning cup of coffee gives you, so you compromise with decaf. Unlike other coffee drinkers, you sip yours to calm yourself because life is overwhelming. You're always asking the kids to quiet down and your favorite part of the day is their nap time.




wonder woman mugYou need the caffeine, but you hate the taste of coffee. So you sip on a huge commuter mug full of cola -- All. Day. Long. Mainlining carbonated caf keeps you beautifully buzzed. Now if there's anything you can't stand, it's listening to those coffee snobs go on and on about its "bouquet" and aroma. Who has time for that? Not you! You're totally unpretentious and you're not raising any overprivileged brats. You keep it real.




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