6 Harry Potter–Inspired Drinks for a Night of Magical Mayhem (PHOTOS)

harry shottersOur Harry Potter–themed fantasies of slipping into the Three Broomsticks Inn for a pint of Butterbeer will sadly never come true (even if a new bar inspired by J.K. Rowling's world did recently open in Toronto), but thanks to a series of very adult Harry Potter drink recipes from Graphic Nerdity, we can at least knock back a few magically delicious shots at home!


Of course, it's best to heed Graphic Nerdity's warning before imbibing:

"These drinks are not for beginners. By that I mean only experienced Harry Potter fans will appreciate the puns that went into making them. Full disclosure, a couple of them are awful. I’ll let you figure out which ones. Better yet, serve them to your friends and let them decide!"

Wise words. Now, read on and pick your potion -- er, poison!


Image via Graphic Nerdity