Lazy Mom Meals: BBQ Slow Cooker Pot Roast (PHOTOS)

BBq slow cooker pot roast Fall is officially here! It's time to cook up those luscious hearty dishes that we look forward to all summer long! But if you think you're too busy to serve up a feast on a weeknight, think again. We've found a kindred spirit in The Lazy Mom's Cooking Blog founder Trisha, who shared her secret to making BBQ Pot Roast with very little effort (and very few ingredients!).


Here's more good news: You can start this before you leave in the morning and let it cook all day in your Crock-Pot. Smothered in your favorite barbecue sauce and Vidalia onions, it can simmer on low for 10 hours. So prepare to come home to an amazing aroma! 

bbq slow cooker pot roast

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This dish can stand alone, or you can serve it as sandwiches, as Trisha suggests. We imagine the leftovers would be pretty delish, too, if you're lucky enough to have any! 

bbq slow cooker pot roast  

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