Say Good-Bye to Summer With a Frozen Watermelon Daiquiri (PHOTO)

Frozen Watermelon DaiquiriWant to give summer a proper send-off? Why not whip up a Frozen Watermelon Daiquiri that will transport you right back to vacation! (At least mentally, anyway!)


If we had to choose the quintessential flavor of summertime, it would no doubt be watermelon. In this recipe, created by Shinee of Sweet & Savory by Shinee, its juicy sweetness really shines through.

Made in minutes in your blender, you'll think you're ready to open your own Tiki bar. (Don't forget the lemon wedges for garnish!) 

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"Watermelon, lime, rum and a little bit of sugar make absolutely refreshing summer drink," says Shinee, who notes that this recipe makes a one-liter batch.

While it's hard to see the season end, having this recipe in your arsenal will give you something to look forward to sipping when the long winter months are over!

Visit Sweet & Savory by Shinee to view this Frozen Watermelon Daiquri in its entirety!

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