Unicorn Tears: Make Your Next Drunk Cry a Magical One (PHOTO)

Unicorn Tears ginWhen you're in the mood for a cocktail, you'd probably agree that your choices are seemingly endless. Well, your options just got even more vast and outlandish. Firebox has introduced a new, "magical" elixir to the market: Unicorn Tears gin liqueur.


So just what do Unicorn Tears taste like? (Who ever thought that's something we'd actually contemplate?!?) According to Firebox, the answer is orange peels, juniper berries, lemon, mint, cardamom, and maple syrup. And as an added bonus, it's flecked with 100-percent edible bits of silver.

That's interesting and all, but for $61.39 per bottle, I'm going to want the whole unicorn!

Seriously, who's writing that? I'd like to party with that guy or gal. 

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I don't know, maybe they're hoping that picturing a unicorn crying is so depressing you'll have no choice but to reach for a cocktail. 

Still, with the exception of milk, I find it hard to get excited about drinking fluids that come from animals. Though I suppose it would be fun to order at a bar. "I'll have the Unicorn Tears, please!" Or, imagine the reaction when friends ask what you're sipping and you can say, "Oh, just enjoying some Unicorn Tears!" Bet that never gets old!

And it would be an interesting conversation starter if you handed a bottle over as a hostess gift. 

We've got to hand it to Firebox's marketing team. When they weren't "up all night slaying unicorns for your drinking pleasure," they were crafting a campaign that'll get people talking. We'd say it's working!


Image via Igor Normann/shutterstock

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