Raspberry Mojito Is Perfect Cocktail to Celebrate Summer's End (PHOTO)

Raspberry MojitoIt's almost the weekend, and with summer coming to a quick close, it's time to celebrate what's left of the warm weather with a cool, fruity cocktail. If you're craving the delicious combination of sweet and citrusy, you're going to love this Raspberry Mojito.


Angela of Hairspray and High Heels says her recipe "is refreshing to the max!" 

And did we mention it's visually stunning as well? Who wouldn't want to sip this on their deck, porch, or patio? 

raspberry mojito

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If you've just been raspberry picking, here's a great way to put the yummy fruit to use. Fresh mint and lime juice paired with rum and topped with a fizzy lemon-lime soda make this drink a special way to finish off the summer season! Invite some friends over because this beverage is too good not to share!

For the full recipe, visit High Heels & Hairspray.


Image via hairsprayandhighheels.net

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