Woman Swears She Sees Donald Trump's Face in a Tub of Butter (PHOTO)

There are those who believe that finding the face of Jesus in, say, a piece of toast is a sign that you've been blessed. So what does it mean when you find the image of Donald Trump in your butter?


For Jan Castellano of Wildwood, Missouri, this is a pressing question, as she recently opened a tub of Earth Balance Original Buttery Spread and found the image of "The Donald" apparently looking back at her.

Castellano notes that although she is right-leaning in terms of politics, she is already "pretty tired of this man," so she wasn't exactly thrilled to see his face in her vegan butter.

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As for me, I am enjoying the irony of Trump being found in something that isn't quite real butter. For me, Trump is the equivalent of vegan butter: I don't want it, I don't understand it, and I seriously don't know why anyone would choose it when REAL butter is available.


Image via David Herrmann/iStock

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