Lazy Mom Meals: Quick Bowtie Lasagna (PHOTO)

quick lasagnaWith the new school year and fall sports gearing up, moms may find themselves with less free time (wait, what's that?) than ever. Any meal that the kids love and doesn't tie us up in the kitchen all afternoon is a win in our book, so we're thrilled to serve up a Lazy Mom special: Bowtie Lasagna. 


This dish, dubbed Lazy Lasagna, comes from Faith at An Edible Mosaic, who explains what a lifesaver her recipe can be:

Normally lasagna isn’t something I’d have time to make during the week, but this quick, no-layer version changes that. It needs just 10 minutes of active prep time and will be ready to devour from start-to-finish in well under an hour. Plus, it’s a real crowd-pleasure with adults and kids alike!

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Who doesn't love beef, pasta, ricotta, and mozzarella cheeses all blended into one dish and paired with some tantalizing spices? Makes us hungry just thinking about it! You'll want to keep this one at the ready!

For the complete recipe, visit An Edible Mosaic.


Images via An Edible Mosaic

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