Woman Finds Fake Fingernail in Her Fast Food Nachos (VIDEO)

taco bell nachos with fake fingernailOkay, listen up fast food workers of America: Get your acts together! We've seen Checkers employees wiping the floor with hamburger buns, a man claiming to find a deep-fried rat in his KFC meal, and even someone finding a feather in McDonald's chicken nuggets. Now, a Florida woman has reported that she found a fake fingernail in her nachos at Taco Bell. C'mon now -- I am running out of fast food places to eat!


I totally get that fast food isn't the healthiest option, but I'd like to be able to go and only have to worry about the calorie count and not what other things might be lurking in my order!

According to a report from Fox13 News in Tampa Bay, Florida, a woman named Kailynn Roland discovered a fake nail in the bottom of her order of nachos and had the reaction many of us would have:

It's gross. I puked.

Check out the local news segment that shows the acrylic tip up close 'n' personal.

FOX 13 News

According to Roland, the fast food chain has been a little less than awesome in its response to the situation, offering her no apology and a measly $40 in Taco Bell gift cards. Gift cards seem like an odd choice. Like, "Hey, did you like those fingernail nachos? Would you like $40 more of those? Great!"

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Taco Bell claims that it is investigating the incident and will retrain employees as necessary.

For now, I think I'll be ignoring my Beef Meximelt cravings for a while.


Image via MyFoxTampaBay.com

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