Woman Sues Restaurant After Getting Hit by a Flying Dinner Roll

Woman sues after hit with rollPlenty of restaurants employ gimmicks to get diners in the door. One Missouri-based chain, Lambert's Cafe, features servers throwing rolls across the dining room to customers as part of its shtick. So, when a patron gets hit in the eye with a flying dinner roll, who's at fault?  


The diner in question, Troy Tucker, is basically saying, "duh, Lambert's!" And even though it's known as the "Home of Throwed Rolls" she's suing as she claims she's suffered permanent eye damage after being struck by  one of these doughy torpedos. 

Tucker, who was visiting the restaurant with her Bible group in September 2014, is seeking $25,000 to cover her medical and legal fees.

Yikes! That's a pretty expensive dinner. But, really, it begs the question: Who's really at fault here? Yes, it's a shame this woman sustained these injuries but really, when you're dining in a place known for throwing food at customers, you should probably be prepared.

Just as if you go to a ballgame, you can't necessarily be surprised if a foul or home run comes your way. It's sort of part of the risk of entering.

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On the other hand, is it also the restaurant's fault? Sure, it sounds like some offbeat fun but what if you get the next Nolan Ryan who really wants to impress customers and fellow staffers with his fast ball -- or in this case, fast roll?

Considering this isn't the first time a patron's been injured by a flying biscuit, it might be time for Lambert's to serve up a new gimmick! 

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