12 Real-Life Kitchen Fails to Make You Feel Better About Your Cooking (PHOTOS)

Wendy Robinson | Aug 18, 2015 Food & Party
12 Real-Life Kitchen Fails to Make You Feel Better About Your Cooking (PHOTOS)

Woman cooking One of the inescapable facts of life is that in order to eat, you often have to cook. While some people are just natural chefs, others have to work at it. Sometimes this goes better than others.

I'm a decent cook, but even I've had my fair share of culinary fails, like the time I cooked the Thanksgiving turkey with the plastic bag of giblets and the neck still inside. Oops.

So, if you've ever burned a pan, served raw chicken, or skipped a key ingredient, this post is for you. Grab a well-cooked snack and enjoy laughing at someone else's mistake for a change!


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  • The 2-Hour Dinner


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    "When DH and I first moved in together I wanted to cook him something really great! I had been watching Rachael Ray's 30 Minute Meals on Food Network and she was making chicken Kievs. It looked simple enough for 30 minutes or less! 

    At this point, my cooking experience with chicken was limited to boiling the chicken and then shredding it or cutting it up for whatever I needed. So, needless to say, this 30-minute meal took me close to two hours, and not only that, not all of the chicken was cooked all the way through! It was terrible! I had even invited my mother-in-law to come over and eat that fabulous dinner I was cooking! We basically ate around the pieces that weren't cooked all the way through.  

    I never attempted anything like that until much much later in our lives! Fortunately, I've definitely become a much better cook and definitely more confident in my kitchen skills. And, not to mention, I love my Crock-Pot." -- Jessica A., Edinburg, Texas

  • Sugar & Spice


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    "I once mixed up the measurements for sugar and salt in a recipe. I don't know how I thought a loaf of banana bread would call for a full CUP of salt. I'll blame the fact that I was sleep deprived from having a newborn." -- Glenna K., Lawrence, Kansas

  • Fire!


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    "A short list of things I have set on fire while cooking: my sleeve, my apron, a cutting board, a chicken (it was ON FIRE), many kitchen towels, and my mother's favorite cookbook.

    We eat out a lot." -- Hannah M., Lansing, Michigan

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  • Crock-Pot Fail


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    "We were hosting a big Halloween party at our house. It was a weeknight, so I decided to do as much prep in advance as I could. I borrowed some Crock-Pots from my neighbors, plugged them all into a power strip, and then made chili, pulled pork, pulled chicken, and soup.

    I was so excited about coming home at the end of the day to a kitchen full of cooked food, which is why it really sucks that I forgot to switch the power cord ON. All that food sat on my counter all day, not cooking.

    We ordered pizza and I had to throw out at least $50 worth of meat. Ugh." -- Beth T., Madison, Wisconsin

  • No Dinner, No Joke


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    "It all started when my nieces came out from Iowa to spend the summer with me.

    I was cooking dinner when one of my nieces started telling jokes. I was chopping onions at the time and then she told me one that almost dropped me to the floor laughing. Little did I know that while I was laughing I chopped my finger tip off.

    She's running around like a chicken with his head chopped off, I'm bleeding everywhere. It was a mess! I get her calmed down and put my dinner in the oven. Or so I thought.

    A hour later, after I'm fixed up and not bleeding anymore, I go to pull my dinner out. I accidentally set the hot pan on my arm and dropped it. My husband comes in to check on me because I was yelling.

    He was like, 'What are you yelling at?'

    I was like 'Really dude? I set the dinner on my arm and burned myself!' He looks on the floor and starts laughing. I was getting mad wondering why he thought it was funny. Come to find out I put the wrong pan in the oven. I put the empty pan in the oven and my uncooked dinner was still on my counter.

    Moral of the story: Pay attention and don't listen to jokes while prepping dinner. That one joke led to a bunch of chaos!" -- Tara P., Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Baking What?


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    "After watching my in-laws try to choke down my homemade zucchini muffins, I learned an important cooking lesson: Baking soda and baking power are NOT interchangeable. Good to know!" -- Ashley R., Topeka, Kansas

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  • A Really Glassy Dinner


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    "My husband and I were cooking for a friend, who happens to be a really great cook. So we were on the nervous side. During the meal, our guest raved about the dish nicely and soon ever so gracefully pulled a small chunk of glass out of his mouth. 

    My eyes popped out of my head, as my husband said, 'Oh, I broke a spice bottle. I thought I got all of that out of there.'

    Luckily the piece wasn't sharp, and surprisingly, we're all still friends." -- Sheri R., Sacramento, California 

  • Cupcake Fail


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    "My whole family was over for my daughter's 2nd birthday party. I made cupcakes, which actually turned out pretty well. Or at least I thought so. And then my toddler said, 'What dis? What dis?' while pointing at her cupcake.

    It was an earring. My earring fell off while I was making the batter and I somehow didn't notice. I was mortified! My mother-in-law still teases me about it to this day and my daughter is 12 now!" -- Suzi N., Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Chicken: Very Well Done


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    "I don't like to cook but my family insists on eating EVERY DAY (so demanding, right?) so I am always on the hunt for easy recipes. I found one for a slow-roasted whole chicken that seemed simple enough, so I tried it.

    The recipe was simple, but I forgot I had it in the oven, so I went to run errands and pick up the kids from school and by the time I got home, that thing had been in the over for over four hours. I'm amazed I didn't set the house on fire!" -- Michelle F., Atlanta, Georgia

  • Not So Vegan


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    "My husband's cousin came for dinner. He's a vegan so I wanted to make a veggie-friendly dinner so I did veggie burgers, sweet potato fries, and my famous green beans.

    I ALWAYS do my green beans the same way: cooked in bacon grease and served with onions and tomatoes. I meant to warn our vegan that the beans weren't strictly vegetarian but before I could tell him, he popped three in his mouth and started raving about how good they were.

    Well, yeah -- bacon will do that! I feel so guilty but I never told him and I let him eat a whole plate of them." -- Viv D., Plano, Texas

  • Flour Bugs


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    "Once, when we were really broke, I decided to save money by making as many things from scratch as I could, including bread.

    I made up three loaves of white bread and then came to the end of my flour bag, which, it turns out, was infested with weevils.

    The bread was already in the oven and I looked up information on the bugs and it turns out they aren't toxic so -- well, you can see where this is going, right?" -- Patty A., Hudsonville, Michigan

  • Call 911!


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    "I was home with my kids when I decided to make meatloaf for dinner. I made it up, popped it in the oven, and went to take a shower.

    As I was doing my shampoo, I heard my 7-year-old screaming, 'Call 911! Call 911!' and so I jumped out of the shower and ran naked into the smoke-filled kitchen. Then I noticed that my oven was on fire inside so I grabbed the fire extinguisher (still naked!) and told him to call 911.

    Thankfully I got a robe on before the firefighters arrived. It turns out that the roast I had made the night before had dripped grease in the oven and the grease caught on fire. It was so embarrassing." -- Becky E., Boulder, Colorado

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