Woman Finds Decayed Tooth in Bag of Potato Chips (PHOTO)

tooth Picture this: You are settling in for a nice relaxing night of movie-watching at home. You reach for a bag of chips for snack. You put your hand in the potato chip bag and pull out a chip ... and a tooth. Someone else's tooth.


That sounds pretty gross, but surprise! The real story is even more disgusting! Leigh Buquo, the Houston woman who is reporting that she found a decaying tooth (with a crown on it) in her bag of Lay's brand Cheddar Bacon Mac and Cheese chips, didn't discover the lost tooth in her hand.

She discovered it in her MOUTH.

Excuse me while I go gag for a moment.

In an interview with her local radio station Mix 96.5, Buquo described the moment of realization after she nearly choked on the tooth:

I was horrified. At first, my daughter and I thought it may have been my tooth, but after thoroughly checking my mouth and seeing all my teeth still there, I realized the tooth came from the bag of chips! I felt sick!

Buquo has reached out to the Frito-Lay company, who have asked her to send them the tooth and the rest of the bag of chips, which I have to assume is still full. (How could you keep eating after that?!)

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So far, there has been no comment by Frito-Lay. And I am still recovering from having to write this story. Join me in a hearty "ewwww," won't you?


Image via Leigh Buquo/Facebook

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