Try & Survive Watching Michelle Rodriguez Eat a Mouse Boiled in Her Urine (VIDEO)

Action movie star Michelle Rodriguez always comes across as a tough broad. But how tough is she in real life? She found out when she found herself hungry and without water in the Nevada desert. You guys, Rodriguez ate a mouse boiled in her own urine.


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Okay, I will. This was on an upcoming episode of Running Wild With Bear Grylls, a show where the adventurer drags pampered celebrities with him into the wilderness and eats them for dinner. Kidding! He teaches them important survival skills. I guess?

There are people all over the world who are genuinely starving and don't have access to clean water. But here in America we've got it so good, we have to go looking for this kind of punishment! I don't get it. But anyway, back to Michelle and her pee ...

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They're stuck in Nevada without food and water. Why? Why would Bear Grylls not pack enough food and water? I have no idea. All I know is that he made Michelle pee into a small pitcher and then boil a skinned mouse in it over an open fire. Then they both ate the mouse, including the bones, AND THEN THEY DRANK HER PEE.

I know pee is sterile. I know a mouse is just animal protein, like a really small chicken. But UGH.

If I were Michelle Rodriguez I would finish up this adventure with a nice long stay at a spa and so much clean water I turn into a mermaid. What a brave woman! I would never do this. I mean, maybe if I were truly starving to death and dying of thirst. But for a TV show? No. Nope. Nononononono.

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