Discovering These Foods in Your Pantry Could Make You Big Bucks (PHOTOS)

woman looking in fridgeInterested in making a few extra bucks this summer? Well, you may not have to look any further than your fridge and pantry! Huh? Apparently people are cashing in on some favorite foods that have been discontinued by selling them on eBay.  


So, just what's fetching a pretty penny in cyberspace these days? Cinnamon Spice Tic Tacs are a popular item. (Those were all sorts of awesome, IMHO.)

Cinnamon tic tacs

And if you've been jonesin' for those discontinued Mango Altoids, here you go! 

discontinued mango altoids

Call me paranoid, but doesn't it seem weird to buy a food that's been sitting around someone else's home for a while? But what if you didn't plan to consume the abandoned items but rather just revel in the nostalgia? You can do that too. For example, cans of the 1980s Ghostbusters Hi-C juice line that have already been opened are selling in the $80 range. 

HI-C Can

So, if you haven't recycled these, here's your big chance! 

While the whole thing definitely seems odd, it reminds us a bit of when the popular diet soft drink Tab disappeared for a while amid rumors that it killed lab rats. Though the Coca-Cola company was forced to put warning labels on cans, the studies were ultimately debunked and it's been available ever since. Still, devotees were ready to go to great lengths to get their hands on a can when it first vanished. 

Speaking of beloved and hard-to-find drinks, Surge, the green energy beverage, is also highly sought after. 


If you have a favorite item you've been missing, chances are you may just find it! And, if you've got something to sell, good for you! Better to cash in than have it sit in your cabinet for another decade! 


Image via Christopher Boswell/shutterstock

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