These Glasses of Wine Pair Best With ... Hot Men, Of Course! (PHOTOS)

men & wine instagram In case you're having trouble picturing what a handsome man might look like while sipping wine, now there's an Instagram account to help you out. Men & Wine, started by and featuring hunky dudes enjoying some vino, is taking the Internet by storm. (We think when you see these fellas you'll understand why!) 


Before you say, "But this is objectifying these innocent oenophiles!" -- don't worry, they don't look too upset. In fact, with 14,500 followers, the account seems like the perfect chance to celebrate both your good looks and love of the grape.  

This view is pretty lovely too:

Call me crazy, but I think this guy's been over-served.

Former Top Chef contestant and restaurant owner Fabio Viviani even made an appearance!

Tough to say who's cuter here: this man or his pooch. 

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This guy looks so familiar to us! Help, who is he?

Hey, Prince Harry, cheers!

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If this guy isn't already a model, it's time for him to quit his day job!

This really captures the celebratory spirit of champagne, doesn't it?

Is there a hot guy in your life who can't get enough red, white, or rosé? Here's your chance to show him off!


Images via menandwine/Instagram 

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